1. What is USDA?

    USDA is a Fiat-Collateralized stable coin provided by a stable digital coin platform based on blockchain 3.0.
    Published by Asia Pacific Digital Bank (APDB) and audited by an independent third party (one of the world’s leading audit firm), USDA is a decentralized US dollar stable coin focuses on publishing and managing stable coin in Asia Pacific region.

  2. How does USDA work?

    The USDA adopts a ‘full margin’ mechanism, which is anchored at a rate of 1:1 with the US dollar 100% , and its corresponding US dollar reserve is borne by the BGC Bank of the US Wall Street Group (a USDA corresponding to US$ 1), on behalf of token holders (verifiable and segregated from the assets of the issuer), USDA Foundation responsible for handling redemption requests, using USDA’s unique platform channel to provide users with a variety of financial services, to generate revenue while generating friction costs, in order to maintain the normal operation of the foundation, and to ensure that the redemption fund pool held in custody is up to 100% of the value of issued USDA, this is the ‘full margin mechanism.’

  3. What fiat-currencies does USDA support?

    Asia Pacific and its related area is where USDA most dedicated to serve. Most of the fiat-currency in the respective countries or regions can exchange with USDA, such as USD, CNY, JPY, KRW, NTD, HKD, MYR, THB and so forth.

  4. Who can use USDA?

    For the feature that USDA is anchored at a rate of 1:1 with the US dollar, it can be used as the converter between fiat economy and crypto economy in the countries and regions where people cannot exchange cryptocurrency directly with their fiat currency.

  5. How to get USDA?

    Now you can get USDA stable coin on the Exchanges in cooperation with USDA foundation. The first Exchanges in partnership with us are in below:
    You can purchase USDA with fiat currency or exchange with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, USDT.

  6. How can USDA keep its value stable?

    Adopting ‘full margin’ mechanism, USDA guarantees that the redemption fund pool held in custody is up to 100% of the value of issued USDA to make sure it’s anchored at a rate of 1:1 with the US dollar.
    With the technology Spatial Distribution Projection and Multidimensional Lightning Redemption, USDA is able to extend using scenario so that its value transfer function as a currency is enhanced.
    Furthermore, USDA foundation aim to make the currency secure both in technical and legal area by building core barrier and legalized the whole process in the operation of USDA.

  7. What makes USDA secure?

    USDA public reporting and other audit results would prove reserves at audit standards as rigorous as that for IPOs (Initial Public Offering). In the traditional areas, an IPO refers to the first time which a business or company offers its shares for sale to the public. Typically, upon completion of the IPO, the company is able to apply for listing on the stock exchange or quotation system. The IPO audit is a highly stringent standard because throughout the process, there is a requirement for bank account review as well as to obtain government approval.
    The USDA’s auditing system guarantees that USDA is a regulated and fully decentralized Stablecoin that is not controlled by any centralized exchange or other stakeholders and is customer-centric. This feature gives the USDA the ability to exchange 1:1 dollars at any exchange on any exchange and over-the-counter. This is one of the important mechanisms for the USDA to be more stable than the general Stablecoin. This is also an important reason for the rapid growth of USDA trading volume.

  8. Where can I use USDA?

    Besides being used as the converter between fiat currency and cryptocurrency, USDA is also the only token for the financial service provided by the publisher, Asia Pacific Digital Bank.
    The service that USDA holders can enjoy includes but not limited to, money transfer between different countries or regions, digital financial investment, online transaction, offline payment in Asia Pacific area.

  9. How does USDA keep its transparency?

    USDA foundation maintains transparent both in data and operation.
    USDA mainchain is an open chain based on eth 20, every single change is recorded on the chain. Participants of USDA can check all the records with the access to the chain.
    USDA has an independent audit firm audit the operation of USDA and put the result online. Everyone can monitor how the foundation is running via internet.

  10. How much do I pay for using USDA?

    USDA is mainly being used in Exchanges. You may need to pay for the service the exchanges provided. But, you DO NOT need to pay anything for USDA itself.