Security, the eternal topic of wealth management

Proof of fund

Overcome the disadvantage of transnational operation of traditional finance, transregional transactions. Low fee for investment and easy operation.

Secure Value Preservation

Decentralized system based on block chain. Currency credibility secured by transparent account books.

Safe Transaction

Hierarchical node operation mode, benefits shared by all. Apportionment block chain to achieve value raised.

Full reserves

According to the principle of how much US dollar reserve should be matched, the transparency of information disclosure is high, and regular auditing and real-time public inquiry mechanism are adopted.

Hierarchical Node Operation Model

Guarantee income is shared by all, and asset value is maintained and increased through the constraints of block chain technology and mechanism.

Distributed Asset Trustee

In order to ensure absolute security of assets, USDA distributes reserve assets among the top 10 banking institutions in the world.


USDA has legal advisors who are legally compliant with the practices of public allian chains such as Facebook, ensuring its legitimate compliance in Asia-Pacific countries and regions.