USD for Asia Pacific

About USDA

USD for Asia Pacific

USDA is a traditional economic and encrypted currency exchange platform based on Block Chain Technology 3.0 issued by APDB for the natural economic regions of Asia-Pacific and its surrounding regions. Through USDA, users can import traditional money into the encrypted economy safely and flexibly, and conduct transnational and cross-regional transactions, investment and other finance more conveniently.

About APDB

Asia Pacific Digital Bank

With the ownership of USDA, the Asia-Pacific Digital Bank (APDB) team is composed of senior financial professionals from Wall Street, mainly banks of Morgan Stanley, Nasdaq, Blackstone Fund, Deutsche Bank and so on. The founding teams have entered the field of digital currency in the early years and have been focusing on the most active financial business in Asia and the Pacific, which has laid the foundation for APDB to become the chief digital bank in the Asia-Pacific region.



Overcoming the disadvantage of transnational operation of traditional finance, transregional transactions, low fee for investment and easy operation.


Decentralized operation mode based on block chain, transparent books enhance currency credibility.


Hierarchical node operation mode, benefits shared by the whole people, Apportionment Block Chain to Achieve Asset Value Added.

USDA mode

USDA is a digital encrypted currency based on the international block chain “Sentosa Protocol”. The platform uses blockchain technology 3.0, and the transfer protocol composed of relevant open source software ensures the security of USDA issuance, redemption and transaction. As an encrypted currency, USDA is 100% backed by $1 billion reserve of APDB, guaranteeing itself 1-to-1 pegged to the US dollar.

Suitable situation

Transnational Transfer and Settlement

Block Chain Investment and Conversion

Offline Transactions in the Asia-Pacific Region

USDA is for:

Individual traders

Secure, fast and low-cost assets can be circulated across regions and dimensions. Timely converting between traditional and encrypted digital currencies.


To realize the conversion between different virtual currencies. Suitable for Value Conversion of Exchange and Block Chain Projects.


Settlement of consumption and investment. Greater savings can be achieved in large international transactions.