USD for Asia Pacific

Focus on the Management of Digital Stabilized US Currency Issuance
in the Asia-Pacific Region and Blockchain-based Digital Bank Finance


Based on the decentralized system of block chain, USDA converts cash into digital currency, enhances currency credibility through its transparent account book and ensures currency stability by anchoring the price of national currency.

Blockchain Technology 3.0

With the latest blockchain technology, USDA leverages security and transparency from the aspect of basic technology.

100% Anchoring

USDA is 1-to-1 pegged to the US dollar, 100% backed by $1 billion reserve of APDB. The stable currency value makes finance and asset management more steady and safe.


USDA is designed by a professional team of international lawyers and has its own perennial advisor. USDA delivers world-class security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.

Exchange Flexibility

USDA supports exchange and settlement based on different digital currencies, and can be used as a medium of exchange in exchanges and the Encrypted Monetary Fund.


The amount of the reserve account is published in real time and is subject to regular professional audits. The total amount of USDA currency in circulation matches the total amount of reserves.

Cross-Regional and Cross-Dimensional Financial Services in the Asia-Pacific Region

International transfer

Offline payment


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USDA, to manage your wealth more freely and safely

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